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Choose Non-toxic, Natural and Sustainable Toy for Your Baby

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Babies love putting everything in their mouth! It is incredibly crucial to choose the right toys wisely for them. 


To help you chose safer, non-toxic options for your baby, you’ll want to look for toys that are free of:


  • BPA: Research has shown that exposure to BPA can be harmful to the brain, behaviour, and prostate gland of babies (source). While more and more manufacturers are starting to create products free of BPA, there are still several plastic toys that are made with it or other estrogen-fillers.


  • PVC: Toys that are made with PVC often contain phthalates to make the plastic more flexible. But, phthalates can cause reproductive development issues, especially in young males (source).


  • Lead: You’ll want to try and stick with toys that are made in the USA or other European countries whenever possible to ensure your baby’s toys are free of this neurotoxin, as lead paint is banned in these countries but not others.


  • Chlorine: Many plastic play food often contains high levels of chlorine, which could be detrimental to your baby’s health, since their little bodies are so hypersensitive. Studies have shown chlorine exposure to be linked with greater risk of breathing issues, skin sensitivities, and heart problems.


  • Flame retardants: Several toys imported from China have also been found to be contaminated with brominated fire retardants. Chemicals which are banned (for most uses) in Canada and Europe, and not even produced anymore in the United States. Yet, these finished toys manage to find a loophole into our country and onto our shelves.

    (Source: Your Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Baby Toys)




Reasons to consider Rice Husk Toys


  1. Repurpose Waste into Life

Rice husk was long considered waste from the rice milling process and was often dumped and/or burned. Some amount of rice husk has always been used as an energy source for small applications, such as for brick production, for steam engines and gasifiers used to power rice mills, and for generating heat for rice dryers.


The high silica content of rice husk ash makes it a good additive for the steel and concrete industries. To a lesser degree, rice husk ash is used as a soil conditioner, activated carbon, insulator, and others.



  1. Rice husk as reinforcement for plastic composites

From the works of scientist and experts, it was observed that polyethylene reinforced with rice husk exhibited increase in tensile modulus, flexural strength and hardness during the loading of the filler but tensile and impact strength dropped at the early stage of the loading, then for the polystyrene and polypropylene their tensile modulus, flexural strength increased but showed improvement when a compatibilizer was used on polypropylene composite.


(Source: Utilization of Rice Husk as Reinforcement in Plastic Composites Fabrication- A Review)


Why Mijoy?

With the latest technology TEXa, a certified biobased material sourced from non-edible agricultural waste born a 100% safe and natural rice husk toy blocks - MIJOY.





  1. Rice Husk Toy Blocks

MIJOY toy blocks are made of biobased material derived from rice husk. Each MIJOY block consisting up to 25% repurposed rice husks making it safe from certain plastics are known to contain toxic chemicals which have negative impacts on human health.


TEXa is a USDA certified biobased material and is listed in USDA BioPreferred Catalogue. TEXa Bio-Plastics are derived from renewable agricultural waste. They require less fossil energy and emit lower greenhouse gasses during their production.


With blocks come in various sizes that can be stacked in many different arrangements. Building blocks can help increase creativity, and encourage children to match, count and sort. Cognitive Benefits From Playing With Building Blocks


  1. Recyclable Toy

MIJOY is recycle-able at the end of the lifetime! MIJOY is willing to receive all the old toy blocks, making Earth a greener place. All you have to do is send your Mijoy blocks back to where they were made.


MIJOY believes that everyone should use less plastic to save the world.




Mijoy Recycle Pickup Point : UNISAN
-No.80 & 82, Jalan Melaka Raya 25, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka


  1. A Greener Earth

We all want the best for our babies and provide a better future for them.

The chemicals added to PVCs make every soft plastic toy made of PVC super toxic!


The non-recyclable plastic once broken down into freshwater and marine environments can kill fish and other wildlife because they resemble food and cause choking or starvation if ingested. 

Choosing the wrong toy for your children might just harm both your baby and the Earth itself


In conclusion, by buying MIJOY, you start educating children about sustainability from a young age. MIJOY toy blocks are made of biobased plastic derived from rice husk, which is Sustainable and Renewable.


TEXa uses less than 80% manufacturing energy and 65% lesser greenhouse gas emission compared to PS/HIPS. Make a greener and better Earth, support with more reduction of global carbon footprint by reducing the usage of petroleum-based plastic.

Choose a better life for your baby and for Earth. Choose MIJOY.



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