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Do you know?

Did you know that every year, there are tons of rice husk from rice production around the world including Malaysia? By buying Mijoy, you start educating children about sustainability since young.

Mijoy toy blocks are made of biobased plastic derived from rice husk, which is Sustainable and Renewable. Mijoy believes that everyone should use less plastic to save the world. Thanks for making the world greener through toys! Mijoy using a new technology by certified biobased material, USDA.


How do MIJOY started?
The key idea of starting Mijoy is from the inspiration of using less plastic in toys when our founders seeing their kids were playing blocks. Here is our timeline of starting MIJOY:   

  • 2018 We started our Research & Development 
  • 2019 Started sold in various countries especially in Europe 
  • 2019 Sold in locally in Malaysia such as in Toys 'R' Us, Hamleys and Giant
  • 2020 Feb. Launching our E-Commerce store.


MI =
The pronouciation of "Rice" in Chinese.
JOY = We want to see happiness in all kids.

MI + JOY=  MIJOY the sustainable blocks that bring happiness to your kids.  



Remarks: All MIJOY toys are recyclable, send your MIJOY toys to our factory here when you feel your kids has grown up with it.

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