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MIJOY Products FAQs

What is MIJOY made of?

MIJOY toy blocks are made of biobased plastic derived from natural rice husk, which is Sustainable and Renewable. MIJOY is also labelled as an USDA biobased product which promotes the idea of using less plastic and make our Mother Earth greener since young.

Is it safe to play for babies below 18 months?

Rest assured that MIJOY toy blocks are 100% safe, non-toxic, and specially designed for toddlers. Baby aged from 8 months and above are suitable to play with our MIJOY toy blocks. However, we strongly advice babies below 18 months to play under parent guidance and companion as their spatial skill and motor skill are yet to develop during this period.

Is MIJOY blocks soft like teether?

MIJOY toy blocks are in a form of solid shape that could exercise your baby's wrists and train his/her creativity and motor skills in building and constructing something special ;)

Is it safe for my baby to put the blocks into his/her mouth ?

No worries, MIJOY Blocks are designed in hand-grip size and are relatively large to avoid choking hazard as babies around this age tend to put everything into their mouth.

How do I clean MIJOY blocks for the first time I received?

MIJOY toy blocks can be washed by using clean water and leave out for air dry in a sheltered area for around 15 minutes will do. However, it is not suggestible to expose MIJOY  toy blocks under the hot sun. You can also sterilize MIJOY blocks with sterilizer, but not more than 5 minutes.

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